Response Time

As part of the promotional campaign for the upcoming release of the Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City video game by Capcom, their ad agency Head First approached us to build a Facebook application which would increase awareness of the game and the brand as a whole. The brief was create a game which required several players and utilised Capcom’s promotional videos for the game.

We worked with Head First to create a squad-based game which enabled players to invite their friends and create their squad using their Facebook account.

Users could be part of up to 3 squads, as either the leader of the squad or as an invited member. The goal for each squad was to respond as quickly as possible to a weekly video which contained a code. Each video was preceded by a countdown which ensured that players knew roughly when a new video was going to be launched.

Once a video was uploaded, each squad member had to enter the code from the video into the website after logging in. Once all 4 members had entered the code, the squad’s response time was recorded and inserted into a weekly leader board.

Participation was encouraged by offering prizes both for weekly winners, and a grand prize for the team which responded fastest overall. Sharing was encouraged by the squad element of the competition, as users were required to form a 4-man squad to stand a chance of winning.  Users were also prompted to update their wall when creating squads and entering the weekly code, which further served to promote the game across Facebook.

The application formed a key part of the campaign which ran for the course of 10 videos. As the videos, a key aspect of the game, were also trailers promoting the Operation Raccoon City game, we ensured that every participant in the competition was exposed to the primary promotional materials of the wider Head First campaign for Capcom.

The final video was uploaded on Friday 23rd March 2012, the day that Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City was launched.

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