Umbraco: the friendly CMS

Umbraco is an open-source CMS built on the Microsoft .NET framework and one of the most deployed Content Management Systems in the .NET stack.

We use Umbraco for our .NET projects as it offers powerful content management potential. While remaining simple to understand it is highly extensible using a wide variety of industry-standard languages and patterns.

For administrators Umbraco has an intuitive interface which is where the name ‘the friendly CMS’ comes from. You can organise data in a custom tree which represents the website structure. The Umbraco CMS framework also provides a convenient way of controlling which documents can be created under a specific category, ensuring that it’s easy to manage and maintain your website.

We also offer Umbraco hosting, support and training so once your project is complete we can continue to work together and help you make the most of the site we have created.

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