Web development

Our development team are experienced in Drupal, WordPress, Magento and Umbraco as well as PHP frameworks like Zend and Symfony.

We involve the developers and project managers from the project planning stage so that they can add value to the process by suggesting things the more creative among us might not have considered. They also bring a wealth of experience to the process and can often foresee issues and challenges long before they arise.

Our project managers use Worship’s project delivery methodology (which we’ve been developing for the last 12 years and continues to evolve) to deliver the project according to the agreed project timescales.

The project delivery process starts with a project initiation document including a specification, project plan, test plan, risk log, and various other items which are needed for smooth project delivery.

Once the project is ready to go into beta, the team start the testing process. Bugs are reported to the development team through the technical project manager and he coordinates the fix. Once the bug is fixed, the test team check it and close the issue on our tracking system.

This process is followed until there are no reported bugs left to fix at which point the project is delivered to you for acceptance testing. This is the part of the process where you check that the site features all the agreed functionality outlined in the specification document you approved at the beginning of the project. This is also the point where you check the site matches the designs you approved in the design phase.

We provide you with an instructional document that enables you to check the site’s functionality in a comprehensive manner and feel confident you have seen and checked everything there is to check when you sign off the project.

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