Interactive media

The term ‘interactive media’ covers a wide range of applications. Uses range from entertainment to training and education but our experience is focused around interactive media which sits within websites as an interactive element or within a social media platform. We typically work with technologies such as HTML5, Flash and Unity.

The most common form of interactive media we’re asked to build is games to feature in social media marketing campaigns. A good game can be a great way to engage your audience and generate a sharing, viral effect. Integrated into a wider marketing campaign, a game can increase the social momentum of the campaign, conveying an awareness of products and services via digital word-of-mouth and driving traffic to your website.

The key to success is keeping the interaction in some way relevant to the brand message, whilst also being entertaining and enjoyable to interact with.

As well as creating games, we have also worked with training and education providers to help make online learning fun. We can use interactive media to quickly teach users how to use products, or employees how to use software or machinery in the workplace. This approach can be more effective than traditional written manuals which can struggle to keep the user’s attention.

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