Online games are massively popular and have become a part of the today’s online experience for many. HTML5 advancements have seen games increasingly incorporated into websites, social media platforms and mobile devices. Facebook and smart phones have led to games becoming a normal part of the daily routine for many of us.

Games to promote a product or service are often accessed through social networks which encourage sharing. Effective games can drive huge volumes of traffic to your brand page or website if they capture the imagination of social media users, spreading meme-like in a very short space of time. When combined with a competitive element such as prizes for high scores or friend referrals, you canĀ achieveĀ great results. Take a look at The War on Horror Case study for an example.

Unlike an advert which interrupts the content an individual is interested in, games are the content, and serve to associate your brand with something enjoyable. Social media games in particular are effective as they are convenient and situated in a social environment where they can be commented upon and shared further promoting mass exposure and adoption. Additionally, when played by a Facebook user their activity is displayed to other users within their network, serving to attract additional visitors to a game.

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