Facebook applications

As Facebook continues to evolve it’s becoming an increasingly valuable tool for businesses looking to engage an online audience.

It’s easy to set up a page for your brand but real engagement and results take a good strategy and consistent management. A flurry of activity followed by months of silence can be damaging.

Keeping an eye on changes and developments (which happen often) is also key. Often when Mr Zuckerberg makes a change, it forces brands to alter their behaviour. In short, Facebook is no different to the other digital channels, we have to constantly monitor and consider the approach to ensure we get the most out of the investment.

That said, a good app or game can take the communication of a message to a whole new level, spreading throughout the network and taking it to a much larger audience than you’d get for the same spend on an offline campaign.

With a good app, you can not only attract people to your Facebook page, but also laterally, to your business as a whole. See the related links below for some of the Facebook applications we’ve worked on.

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