Corporate websites

We get asked for company websites a lot and its probably the type of project we’ve done most often.

We tend to start the process by understanding the organisation, its products and services, its philosophy and values and how website users interact with the company. We can identify any issues at this point and start to formulate a plan for the new website.

It’s still very common for companies to reflect their organisational chart in their site’s information architecture, rather than reflecting what’s best for their users. Examining this is key to developing a user-focused site which has a well-considered user journey resulting in an appropriate call to action.

Other factors in a company’s success online are as follows (these factors are interlinked and kind of step on one another’s toes a bit).

How much is there? How up to date is it? How is it presented and structured? Does it use industry jargon? Is the tone of voice in line with how you want to be perceived? How regularly can you add more good quality, relevant, unique content to the site? What can you give away? Where else is going to get published?

How are you going to drive traffic to the site? Are you planning to use organic search engine optimisation or paid search marketing? Do you use social media channels to promote your site’s content? If so, what’s the strategy for engagement? Or were you just planning to broadcast a message rather than encourage a dialogue (not advised)? How are you going to monitor what’s being said in these channels? And how will you handle negative or neutral comments in social media channels? It’s a lot to consider but being online is no longer just about having a website.

Do you need ongoing support with the site? What if you break something? Or what if your content manager leaves the business taking all the CMS knowledge with them? Support contracts can be worth their weight in gold, especially if you have multiple content managers working from different offices.

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