Charity websites

The primary goal for many of the charities we’ve worked with has been to quickly communicate their work and the impact their work has through their website. This sits alongside raising money and recruiting volunteers, which is important but not the sole objective for the project. And yes, before you say it, yes – communicating the impact of the charity’s work does ultimately lead to more donations, well spotted.

Another crucial factor for the charities we’ve built websites for is good levels of accessibility. Often their audience has a diverse range of accessibility requirements which must be considered from the beginning of the website planning phase.

As well as building websites for charity clients, we’ve also set up various social media campaigns exploiting the fact that we can often generate audience engagement and support  for the charity with a relatively small investment. The on-going discourse, discussion and interaction social media can generate when done well, can enhance support for the cause no end.

We designed this site for Epilepsy Action (built by Ixis).

We’ve also worked with NCPTA, LAG, and LVSC who are all charitable organisations.

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