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We use a blend of usability know-how, conversion rate optimisation principles, marketing expertise and technical knowledge to make websites that convert.

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Our Ecommerce Website Production Process

We use our proprietary 5 stage Ecommerce Website Business Growth system

Research & Goals

In-depth user research, competitor analysis with benchmarking & goal setting.

Analysis & Audit

Comprehensive friction analysis, data analysis and website content auditing.

Design & Content

Information architecture, user journey planning, visual design and content creation.

Build & QA Testing

Documentation, front & back end build, and quality assurance testing

Measure & Test

Research, analysis and testing for continual learning and improvement.

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Some of the things that makes us different

We know how to walk a mile in the user's shoes

When an ecommerce website is not performing as well as its owner would like, there is often a feeling that it’s because of the way the site looks or that fact that their CMS platform is not fit for purpose.

The reality though, is that there is often a combination of factors that cause visitors to leave without buying. It could be concerns about security, speed of loading, the checkout taking too long, delivery charges being too high or the user not fully understanding the website’s value proposition (often because none exists).

In order to understand the exact issues causing people to leave without buying (rather than guessing or using best practice principles which are only right half the time), we take the time to get a view of the the website through the users’ eyes. We use a range of user research techniques to determine the specific points of friction before we start redesigning or rebuilding anything.

“Worship bring a wide range of knowledge to the table meaning all the factors for success are considered, not just aesthetics.”

Louise Heath - Website Manager, Legal Action Group

We optimise mobile experiences

Imagine this scenario. A user, let’s call her Claire, searches for a product you stock. She looks through the search engine results and your ecommerce website is there (because you worked your backside off to get it ranking well for your product search terms). Awesome.

Claire clicks the link to your website but when she arrives it’s not been properly optimised for her device. Yes it’s mobile responsive, but it still doesn’t really enable her to buy quickly and easily. She does her best to navigate the site but it’s a frustrating experience at best. Not so awesome.

At this point, even though Claire found what she was looking for, she knows that buying it will involve struggling with the checkout. She decides to buy it later when she’s in front of her laptop. Opportunity lost. Definitely not awesome.

189 projects complete with 99.4% of clients happy or very happy

We know how to beat Amazon. Kind of.

‘It can’t be done!’, ‘Don’t even try!’ We hear that a lot. And it’s true of course. If you want to compete with Amazon on price, user generated reviews, or shipping speed/price, it won’t be easy to win. But why not compete on something Amazon doesn’t do so well?

Imagine an independent digital camera retailer offering everyone who buys a camera free access to a 10-part instructional videos series called ‘The complete guide to taking amazing photos with your DSLR’. Would you pay an extra £20 for the camera to get access to that? I would.

The Davids can compete with the Goliaths. They just have to select their battles with a little more creativity.

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