Transitioning from web design to user experience

web design to ux

Web design is a slightly dated term. In the early days of internet, it was up to the web designer to create the whole website from concept to launch. You’d often get web designers who understood the code but were crap at design and they’d deliver websites that worked but were not pretty or nice to … Read More

Focus on the user, focus on the results

Planning a user journey which is centered around the needs of a site’s primary user types is central to the success of most of our clients’ projects.Simply put, a user journey is the route that a user may take in order to reach their goals when using a website or web application.We have to make … Read More

The cookie monster looms

If you work in the digital industry, have a website, or have just used the internet recently you may already be aware of imminent changes to the laws regarding online privacy. The impending legislation is set to govern how cookies are used, or as positioned by some critics, is set to deliver a … Read More