Ground Gas Solutions

Ground-Gas Solutions (GGS) is the UK’s leading environmental consultancy, specialising in continuous ground-gas data capture, analysis and interpretation. The GGS team has particular experience in researching new technologies, working with the University of Manchester amongst partners to develop new techniques in continuous ground-gas monitoring.

We were asked to create a new website for GGS with the main criteria being to present them in a more interesting way than their current site did. Their goal was to end up with a site that was engaging and something which would make them stand out from their competitors.

They wanted to communicate the core ideals and values of their company, namely that they were a more innovative and product-led company than standard environmental consultants.

We developed the site’s information architecture, focusing on the way that the content was accessed by the user in order to make the user journey more relevant and user-focused. We made sure that users could locate the information they required quickly and easily. By incorporating testimonials, we were also able to convey the impact of the client’s work and engender trust among users.

We created a new design which articulated the client’s innovative approach. With this design we moved away from the stereotypical stock imagery of their sector, instead focusing on the nature and impact of their work with the use of bespoke illustration and artwork.

By adding a blog to the website we helped GGS to show more of their personality and use an on-going content-driven strategy to help the site become more visible to search engines. In addition to this we also created a social media outreach strategy, encouraging GGS to interact with their customers and people within their industry, further breaking down the barriers between the consultancy and its potential client base.With attractive overstates and simple icons, we communicated the services offered by GGS without the need for large blocks of text or the use of overly technical, dry language. This helped convey what GGS does in a more interesting, accessible way.

The end result of this project was that GGS had an online presence which sets them apart in their sector, and a website which is interesting, intuitive and supports both regular content updates and increased engagement.


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