Fac51 The Hacienda

Peter Hook contacted us when he wanted to re-invigorate the iconic Fac51 Hacienda brand by creating a new online portal. His goal was to create a website which served people who’d experienced the nightclub and newcomers to the brand alike.

We created a Drupal-powered website which featured a discussion forum, a picture and video gallery, a blog, a music streaming feature for registered users which would host mixes by popular Hacienda DJs, a shop, an events section which promoted the Hacienda on tour, and a timeline section where the history of the Hacienda would be visible.

We also created 3D renders of the closed Hacienda nightclub which are used in the site’s background as a subtle reminder of the club for those that went.

The site got a great response in the discussion forums and is used to promote Hacienda events and tours around the world.

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