What is A/B Testing and why is it important?

An introduction to A/B testing in 1 minute A/B testing, also known as split testing, is an important aspect of any research into conversion rate optimisation. So what is it and why do we keep harping on about it?  In a world of jargon and buzzwords, we’ve compiled a handy explanation of this key element… Read More

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Value Proposition For Ecommerce Businesses – How To Sell More Without Lowering Your Prices

  Many ecommerce business owners don’t create a clear value proposition for their business, instead focusing on the value proposition of the products they sell. But if the products you sell aren’t unique, we have to tell the visitor why they should buy them from you. Selling online is tough. Your website visitors are just one Google… Read More

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Mobile Conversion Rate Optimisation More Important Than Ever As Sales On Smartphones Increase 96%

Mobile conversion rate optimisation is central to retail success as smartphone screens get bigger and shoppers seem to be ditching their tablets. We’ve known for a while that the increase in smartphone screen size was having an impact on tablet usage in online shopping. We see it in our clients’ analytics data all the time. But… Read More

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Reducing Shopping Basket Abandonment Without Offering Free Shipping

Shopping basket abandonment is a frustrating part of ecommerce. The user has navigated to a product they are interested in, and even added it to their shopping basket, but then they don’t complete their order. Close, but no cigar. A comparison study by Baymard shows an average of 68.53% abandonment across the web, which means… Read More