About us

Worship is a digital design and build agency based in Manchester. We specialise in designing and building websites, applications and any other digital project you can think of. We work both as a digital partner to other creative agencies, as well as directly with companies.

We’re good at getting to the nitty gritty of what’s needed and working out what’s going to get results. Focusing on what’s going to make the project a success rather than selling you stuff is what makes us tick.

You can see some of the projects we have worked on in our Case Studies page.

Our clients tell us that we’re good to work with because we’re knowledgeable about the digital landscape as a whole. So while you’re busy doing your job and being a specialist in your own area, we’re keeping track of what’s happening in the ever-changing digital world and ensuring your project sees the benefit.

Our project managers are PRINCE2 accredited. Does that mean we use PRINCE2 to the letter? Nope. If we did then your project would take so long to deliver, you’d be coming to sign it off on your hoverboard. Whilst we look forward to the time when hoverboards are a reality, we’d rather get your project delivered sometime sooner.

PRINCE2 simply provides the framework in which we work. We take the PRINCE2 fundamentals and some of the project management methodology and we combine them with our own web project management experience (12 years’ of experience to be exact). This creates a kind of super-project management methodology which constantly evolves and develops.

This is another thing our clients tell us they like about us; we’re dead good at project management and project documentation.

Since forming in 2009, as well as working directly with companies who need a website or web application, we’ve also become a trusted digital partner to advertising and marketing agencies throughout the UK, ensuring that they can deliver their digital projects irrespective of their in-house resources.

So all we need to do now is arrange that brew.

See you soon :-)

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